There are a wide range of options that can be selected to tailor an annuity to your immediate and future needs.
You can use this simple annuity calculator to investigate the impact of each option on your income.

Important: This calculator is for guidance only and the figures shown are indicative and not guaranteed. Actual income will depend on your individual circumstances and lifestyle factors, such as smoking and health issues.

Did you know? If you have a health condition, even a minor one, you could qualify for more annuity income. Our annuity service will fully investigate all options and rates for you to ensure you get the most from your pension savings.

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Please note the results shown are indicative and for illustration purposes only.

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This is a quick quote and not a personalised quote, which means it doesn’t take all of your circumstances into account. If you would like to obtain a more detailed quote, please contact your HR/Pensions Department to get further details on the Retirement Annuity Service. You may be able to get a higher income depending on your health and lifestyle issues. Your final annual annuity income may change based on your answers to more detailed questions during the application process.

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